the dating game.

he was a crying clown .
yes, i dated a clown - so enamored by life's pressure weighing heavy on his heart.
he'd slit his wrist if folks weren't staring so hard -
waiting for his next gimmick to vibrate the crowd's soul in passionate cackling.
in the middle of his eerie three ring circus, the spotlight blinded him. he could not see that i was his biggest fan-
blowing my adoration in his direction to cool off his anger towards the world.

i dated a pianist.
he was injecting my veins with sharp & flat keys that opened the locks to my inner most thoughts. he'd leave me notes that moved my hips & lips, in sync we were.
turning gun powder into stardust , we had no limitations . my voice cannonballing into his compositions.
he poured his melodies in my lap and left me to organize the chaos.

i dated a chef,
he fed me bullshit.

and now i am in love with romance. the possibilities that tug and pull and stretch my heart's arm span.

i'm too young for glazed over eyes.
re-wired ears that have been tuned into the stations made to overpower cynicism.
i was born in 90 & i'm 21, but the math makes no sense.
i've seen too much so my corneas are crowded, it's making me tense.

but cheers!  homage to love, the place where hopes lie. here's hoping that the hope won't fade & die.

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