PTSD: post traumatic slave disorder

I am not perfect. In fact, I am far from the standard of perfection. When I write about the many aspects of life –whether it is music, dating, God, or self-actualization- I’m striving to spread a sense of consciousness. I do not write to formulate some “sound doctrine” of living or create the new mold of societal behavior. I find human complexity to be beautiful and something worth preserving.

Nevertheless, we live in an age that is unlike any other before us. I remember reading “Letters to a Young Brother” (because I’m ridiculous) and Hill Harper tells his reader that he is the next and newest model of human. Like a car, each preceding creation is better than the next. Even though we have the tools and intellect that surpasses our predecessors, we still find pleasure in ignorance. Quite frankly, it is disheartening. It baffles me.

We revolve around worldstarhiphop and celebrity gossip. If there is anything “new” in the media, we “play pretend” internally- disguising our entire mindset. We're Obsessed with alternative lifestyles and trends that are merely replicas of things done in previous generations. We’re an arrogant generation – pretending that the Madonna’s, Marilyn Manson’s, Prince’s, and Oscar Wilde’s did not exist before us ... the "real" rockstars. We are master pretenders, the aesthetic remixers -simply imitating the prototype and calling it our own. We confine ourselves to the smallest possible versions of ourselves and trick ourselves while we bathe in our complacency.

I always pray for my generation. I don’t care if they make stupid decisions or even if they’re disrespectful. I care about their oblivious mindsetabsolutely clueless about the way the world is molding their perspectives on life, without their permission. I have never seen so many people caught up in the most trivial things. There are BILLIONS of people in the world. There are other countries, REAL misery & joy across the ocean, stories to be told in your grandmother’s kitchen, memories to be had outside of our facebook accounts, books to be read, revolutions to jumpstart and life to be embraced.  there are things that are bigger than this nonsense - eternal concepts that the human language is not complex enough to define. Until we can get in touch with our spirituality and being,  We’ll always be slaves. 


  1. I like this one a lot. Good v Evil has been around since the Biblical days. With knowledge people can become more aware of the deception that is playing them like a piano...sounds beautiful and in tune. But inside the soul, heart and mind they are in desperate need of a tune up of God's Word, not the world's empty sayings.

    I am in prayer of our generation as well.

  2. yeah im not sure i believe in good and evil people as much as i believe in good & evil actions/intentions. things are complex and people are so sucked into the routine of life that they cannot see when they are being manipulated. -____-