happy belated birthday, stevi.

OH ! i turned 21 on sunday. i would tell you all about it, but ... you know. anywho, i want to thank everyone who wished me a great day, showed love, or simply gave me a little thought. it was greatly appreciated :)

i don't know what TWENTY ONE means exactly, but i can sense that this marks a different chapter in my life that will exceed anything i did before. I am finding so much peace with life - all of the triumphs, joys, tragedies & everything in between. God is allowing me to see things in a new, vibrant, enlightened way. I'm just so grateful. I love myself and i'm feeling like the world is my playground. (i wonder if i sound extremely crazy, lol...nevertheless, i have never had so much clarity).

I also want to acknowledge my sister Samantha who passed away. I thought about her a lot on my birthday and i wish she could have been here to scream at me through the telephone. I'm going to use her legacy as a constant internal reminder to cherish everyday and accept nothing but the absolute best for myself.

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