here's the key to love; we don't make copies.

When God shifts the playlist of your life to “True Love”, attraction should be stemming from within.
Skin complexion, money, status, and social connections simply do not make the cut.
True love does not rejoice in being blind, but finds peace within enlightenment.
True love breakdances on the basis of truth, not denial.
Love does not flee from adversity, but joins lovers together in a fight to the finish – confident in the outcome. Confident in God.
We always say we want a “ride or die”. But contrary to popular belief, your girlfriend fighting over you in a grocery store parking lot is not true love (**). That does not even compare to standing by you through poverty, self-actualization, aging, children or disease. that requires patience, gentleness .... real love.

True love understands that distance can equate to clarity. True love is humble and confident that space apart cannot dent a deep-rooted devotion.
Real love will help you to understand that smothering is only a consequence of desperation and doubt. Love brings trust and peace of mind.

True love is selfless.
Overflowing the brim with agape, true love yearns to heal the counterpart with absolutely nothing in return.
True love sways to the sound of God’s “Well done”.
True love sees sex for what it is: amazing, but not the glue- a gorgeous hand grenade given to the irresponsible.

STEP NUMBER ONE: realize what love is.
STEP NUMBER TWO: accept your state: infatuation or love?
Understand that flattery, obsession, attraction, sex, over-protectiveness, jealousy, compatibility, children, or even marriage cannot hold true love together. The foundation for true love is GOD. If you do not accept this, you’re in for MONUMENTAL HEARTBREAK. 

Me? I do not know myself completely and I am more than proud to say that. I am complex, multi-faceted and I have experienced things that have tattooed my mindset on life. Nevertheless, the more pitfall relationships I dive into or immature, insecure boys I entertain (not all lol, but some)… I know that whoever “HE” is will have to see the eternal beauty in me, take accountability for manhood, understand what love is & ultimately love God more than he loves me. 

**(pst, by the way… if your girlfriend or boyfriend is fighting over you, nine times out of ten they are just fighting their out of insecurities and jealousy. That's not love, dummy. lol).


  1. your infatuation with banksy speaks more to your conscious than you know .

  2. it is beautiful , along with your work .

  3. I love this, I wish everyone had this view on love.
    Also, I just wanted to saaaay, I'm an avid reader of your blog so awarded you with this Best Blog Award that is going round! You can check it here -



  4. im so happy that you're enjoying my blog :) your blog is great too ! & thank you so much ...