dear yellow bone,

you are playing barefoot
in fun house mirrors of complexion
with broken shards of glass on the floor.

they tricked us.
pinned us against one another.
drowning in waves of self-hatred;

you see, every time i hear "i only date light skinned girls", i cringe.
every time i hear, "she's cute for a dark-skinned girl", my stomach folds -
for every"#lightskinned" tweet ... i'm convinced a piece of a little girl's soul dies .
but that's what you get for giving pistols to children :

men that is .
they wont deny the opportunity to make you feel belittled .
and silly light-skinned girl , you think they're loyal to you ?
they'll turn on you in a minute.
shoot you in the head while you're idolizing "light".

too busy choking and dangling from your skin-tone hang-ups,
you couldn't see the blindfold .
we hate one another, allowing others to appraise our wealth .
- as if it were a cheap silver chain.
what's so fair about "fair skin" ?


it's disgusting ... and you think you're in control?
you think men are in control?
they're just the puppets.
Jim Crow has always been ma`ssah -

big daddy jim fed you these ruthless rufies,
convinced you that Black is revolting.
slave masters sit in your skull, while your mind picks cotton .
the blisters that form filled with puss and denial of the house verse field slave mentality.

light skinned girl,

save your "whoa is me for being light skinned" lies.
while we beat off "cat calls"
they fight themselves over being treated like dogs .
we are accountable for their pain. & it affects us too -

Darker skinned girls used to say that they were never seen in music videos or portrayed as "beautiful". and you, my light-skinned friend,  didn't stop to think that you would be exinct ...

drake ft. jamie foxx - your type.
wiz khalifa - roll up.
fabolous- killin' em.
lil wayne - 6 foot, 7 foot.
drake - over.

i guess you didn't notice, but you're being replaced.
if you embrace your race, you might save some face.

- there are so many shapes, colors, shades, and types of beauty out here. it's up to you to decide what you think is beautiful. don't allow others to define that for you. lift up your fellow women and don't engage in this self-hatred. personally, i have always had a problem with men who liked me for my light skin. i have always had a problem with men who let rappers and 'hype' define their definition of attractive. they're weak at hear & mind. so love yourself, ... it goes against the grain.-

btw, wth is that vogue picture anyway? (sigh) . let's do better black people.