an untitled, collaborative poem by  james  (alias : "jeter") & myself.

it all FELL  a p ar t .
Now that I think about it, 
it, started from the start 
you know the part when you first meet
Shirt neet-ly tucked away are the things
first impressions forget to mention. 
Sentence structures are
structured so strategically that in a week you see things just a bit

Smiles hidden in cocoons birth 
flying wide grins and chuckles into snorts
Sometimes you just can't stop the river, 
so as the butterflies in your smile take their first flutters into flight with
graffitied wings that reflect the journey in its formation, 
shedding with it is all the burdens in your frowns it has left behind. 
where could she fly? with wings tattered by past lovers lost, her
destination has always seemed crooked. But HE LEVELED HER
peeped her
cold, amber rose eyes. 
But he loved the amber in her iris and became the
"roses" in her hospital room .

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