re-post from 9/2010


i dont need a serial lover man :
googley-eyed, stunted-at-growth, shallow love is banned .
tired of men 'falling in love' right after lunch or dinner,
these big ego-souled, midget mind, hacking-heart killers .

creeping in our windows and marking up their space,
tip-toeing in and out of bed just for a little taste .
they lose their minds along the grind & say that theyre 'in love'
but with whom ? susie? sally? jane? ... or all of thee above .

ladies: you're disposable. it's sad, but often true .
although he says you're "different", he's said it to a few .
find a man who sticks around & puts forward his best toes .
unwavering love is pure in substance, a cryptonite for woes .

[curtain close]
women, stray from serial lovers . they are obsessed with the "idea of love", but hardly know what it is . love is not only a feeling, but it is a verb . half of the time, men will say it ... but be in "love" with someone else just as easy . that's not love . although this is not the most convenient method, time & actions will tell if someone really loves you . [i know some men are upset ... cool lol . this one isn't for you ... ]

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