why we date douche bags.

It's so unfair that the macho-centered, screwed up guys get so much play in life. & i know the "nice guys" are getting discouraged, but no worries... girls will come around. but here are a few reasons why girls date douche bags:

1. They are usually "attractive" by societal standards & usually other girls want him which attracts women like bees to honey.

2. Douche bags have the emotional depth of an inflatable kiddy pool, hence making it easy to disregard their feelings without any guilt.

3. They are reliable; you can always expect them to be self-centered, inconsiderate, and/or think of themselves first. No surprises.
*although some douche bags truly out-do themselves and make you say "wow" out loud from genuine surprise lol.

4. They have deep rooted insecurity, which most women can relate to and they subconsciously attach themselves by commonality.

5. you have an access amount of money that you're just dying to spend, just because - (picking them up and driving them around town, paying for dates, and spotting them cash) ... it happens, it really does.

6. You are not held morally responsible when you date a douche. If you dated "nice guys" then you would be expected to be a "good girl" & on the low low, you're scared of your own capabilities to hurt a loved one.

7. you want to "change the bad boy" and make him into a prince charming. however, if you kiss to many toads, you're bound to get warts. gross.

Underneath every douche-baggy, ahole, trifling, womanizing boy is a firm and pitiful insecurity. They are little boys, SCARED OUT OF THEIR MINDS ...usually covered in tye-dyed facades of materialism, sex, and partying (some even find comfort in "relationships", needing to have a girlfriend as validation). ninety percent of them were hurt in the past (either from lack of family love, a girl, or societal abuse). They have spent so much time wearing these masks that it has blended into their skin.

Ladies, we all go through a "bad boy" phase, but it's played out. these guys are so transparent that it's sickening. Women are always trying to create this "fairy tale" where they make a guy change his old ways of cheating and disrespect. They want to be the "exception". SHUT UP, that's a lost and ridiculous cause. Find a guy who will not cheat on you because he thinks it's dishonorable, vile, or immoral. Find a guy who will treat you right ... not only because he cares about you, but also because it's in his character to do so.

I don't know about you, but i'd ultimately like my significant other to be a good person...not because he loves me, but because that's who he is at his core.



  2. lol hmphh, well im happy you can relate then my love.

  3. When I was reading this a guy I knew instantly came to mind without me even realising it lol.
    Ahh, its hard to learn but this is so true. And a girl can never change a guy really, only God can I believe. And even if you manage to, I doubt it'll be genuine!

  4. yes, it's unfortunate that we glamorize emotional abuse from men . we mistake "passion" for love. some women never realized that they can be 'passionately disrespected"

    thanks for reading :]