this is a public service announcement:

it is about time that we, as college students, acknowledge the triviality of superficiality. i understand that an underlying message and theme of college is "success". i won't bore you with the "what is success" speech, but i'll just say this: these days, (unfortunately) my recent conversations and interactions have been full of people whose lives revolve around money, clothes, and attaining "college celebrity". Now, please understand me. I know that people should not be penalized for what they have or taking pride in how they look. I take personal pride in both aspects of my life as well. but these people are simply IDOLIZING the "hype". how to be the "big man on campus" as if that "abominable snow man" urban legend even exists. louis vuitton, mercedes benz, 100% indian weave hair (lol), watches, iphones, "having hoes" and social titles are 'substantial' in some crowds. Nevertheless, a beautiful exterior cannot compensate for an ugly soul.

like a festering sore, this obsession with superficiality bleeds mucus and puss-filled ambition that silences our ethics...our morals. and like idiots, we'll blindly neglect our inner beliefs and principles to gain the approval for people around us who are clearrrrly just as lost and clueless. Look around, who has it all figured out around you? Who is above insecurites? Who is above God's judgement? Who is above shame? ... most definitely not your peers. If i took society's approval to the pawn shop of salvation, i'm sure i would receive nothing in return ... to say that it's worthless would be an UNDERSTATEMENT.

It's pitiful to me when i see people dedicating their lives towards such an empty goal as social acceptance. Dont get me wrong, some people are simply social & personable - people are naturally atracted to their magnetic character. I get that. Nevertheless, some people will do anything to keep their names in others' mouths. POPULARITY is not as powerful as eternal substance. POPULARITY is outdated with air forces and casette tapes. the same people who praise you will turn on you tomorrow. Lauryn Hill said, "They'll hail you, then nail you...no matter who you are." You may be the "baddest girl" on campus or the most talked about guy to the girls, but they'll find someone new to flatter tomorrow. with all of that being said, I TAKE PRIDE IN THE FACT THAT I dont care how well your face is constructed, i'll never be attracted to an ugly soul ... so, if you suffer from "social acceptance fanatic syndrome" ... lets not meet & you can say we did.

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