- - a post for you.

essentially, it was because ... she was in lust with life .
'cause i can't fathom any reason for her sadist melancholy movement.
slithering around with an empty existence, sniffing for something.
-something, anything that would fill her insides and make her high.

OH, that high.
that's all she wanted like "winos want they good whiskey".
she. craved. minuscule. things.
intangible things.
diminishable things.
she licked her lips for anything
that would abandon her throughout the cold night.

it was only because she was in lust with life.
waiting to be pleasured, waiting for life to gaze her way.
so, she tried on "titles" like masks - hoping that societal justification would be the primer. after she took one mask off, she crushed them into
P I E C E S to fill her empty voids.
nothing helped.

how could she know that being life's sideline hoe would screw her over? nothing to hold on to when being spun around in circles. but she merely tolerated her paramour,
... misunderstood it
... belittled it.
-her lust with life infected her with Socially Transmitted Diseases & impregnated her with opportunistic "friends".
she wants to be a star, but that's only hot air.
if only she'd fall in LOVE with life ...