In"Do the Right Thing", Radio Raheem delivers one of the most EPIC speeches in a spike lee film.

Radio almost understood .

But the left hand is where love resides.
the left is uncommon.
the underdog.
& very few can use it.

The right hand harbors hatred.
It seems "right" to hate people, to lose hope. to plant & grow negativity.
the right is the mundane,
the "norm"
the usual.

love is always tried and underestimated.
love is always misunderstood and kept at bay.
love is patient.
love doesn't get the shine.
love caused the million man march.
love is where smiles live.
BUT, like the left hand:
love. is... often times forgotten.

but just when you think the "societal acceptable" will prevail ... BOOM ! real love comes in for the K.O.

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