discrepancies .

"language is an imperfect medium."

have you ever had so much to say, but the appropriate words could not seem to shimmy up your throat & out of your lips? ever said something and the other person completely misinterpreted ... simply because there were no words to explain how you felt?
words are only letters organized in a specific order to represent thought & emotion. the key concept is REPRESENTATION.

in my romantic literature class, we pay homage to people who could muster up artificially processed feelings of heartbreak and disaster in love.

in my myth and epic class, our mouths water at the talented authors who created literary prototypes of heroism and the femme fatale.

language arts are just that - the artistic expression and mastering of language. as much as i love to write and use the medium for expression, i must admit it has its handicaps.

although i have read dozens of novels and articles, no one has ever convinced me of a concrete description of fate, death, or heartbreak. no words could ever adequately describe the posession of true, selfless, agape love. those concepts (and i use the word loosely seeing how there is no perfect word to label those things) are too complex to spill onto loose leaf.

i've come to the conclusion that some feelings, some explanations ... are simply reserved for the soul.

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  1. You're really good at this huh? Well put.
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