MBDTF , oh baby .

Let me start off by saying, buy the CD (even though i may be the only person in America who still buys Cd's lol) . The art work is beautiful and you leave the store feeling like you have a bite-size piece of bliss in your hands . Me personally ? i popped the CD into my car and lost my breath . in fact, it took me an hour just to get past the first song ...i played it repeatedly . im still stuck in awe =O

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is just that . It eloquently blends the distinctions of grotesque and gorgeous . Kanye takes his time on this album, nothing seems forced or rushed . In "All of the Lights" for example, opens with violins and piano playing for a cool minute ... before Rihanna even begins to sing. It gives time to take in the essence of the music . Quite frankly, this CD is for his musically inclined, instrument-appreciative, artistic fans/listeners . Some complain that the tracks are not cohesive, i argue that West provides versatility. On one end of the album you can have blame game, and the next you get Monster. The CD is "twisted" for a reason . It's schizophrenia at it's finest :) the album is not strictly for hip-hop lovers, it blends so many genres at the same time . ahhh, im in love . So, i cannot be mad at the people who dislike the album ... they just dont know how to listen to it .

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