poems about pancakes .

Butter pecan glaze gazes that leave my soul sticky. stuck.
I try to shake the memories and make the bad parts fall like yellow leaves,
But they trail behind my mind.
Some – sour like rotting milk, curdling at the exposure of surface-
Others sweet and precious like things that come in pink, cardboard boxes.

Leathery & soft memories that manipulate me into submission-
Nostalgia kicking me, choke-holding me, and yanking me to death & dirt.
I imagined that love would always soothe my bones easy, always nurture me.
With time and space I learned that loving ain’t easy-
But when you’re truly worth it, you’re worth it.
& sometimes, when the dice roll … you won’t be.

Part II
Time heals.
Resolution tends to take vacation & get lost at sea-
But like a missing earring, it’ll pop into the lap … eventually.



  1. uuuuhhhhmmmmmmmm...

  2. re-read & re-read . dont misintepret my poem "anonymous" lol .

  3. Ha! lol I forgot you kknow but don't know know who I am.lol Will do :)