le compter toute la joie ;

oooooh , to be thankful .

this journey of mine . at the age of twenty, as a junior in college ... you cant help but wonder "what's next" for yourself . we all reach this pivotal point in our lives filled with questions, curiosity, anxiety, and wonder . what career do i want for myself ? what will i do after school ? - housing, money, family, kids ... it HITS PEOPLE HARD, like a freight train . there's this weird feeling inside me, torn between reflecting on my past & where i came from ... and where i'm going .

but im so thankful to God for his grace and mercy . God has brought me out of some very dark, rough places . at times you want to know why you deal with certain things, why things turn out the way they do, WHY adversity can be so brutal . i still dont know the answers to some of those things, but i'm happy about where i stand . im grateful to God about where i stand and what i have learned .

im thankful for the experiences, family, friends & new people that have entered my life as well (cheese). im thankful for my acquired strength, patience, peace of mind, and ABILITY TO LOVE ♥ ! most importantly, i am thankful for my salvation and relationship with God. i really wish my mom was here to see this, i can say with confidence that she would be proud =)

happy thanksgiving holidays everyone .


  1. http://farfromwarjones.blogspot.com/

  2. im happy for you, youre writing needed to be displayed for ppl to see & i genuinely think people will draw towards your blog. your posts are... interesting to say the least.

    [i wouldve commented on your blog, but it doesnt give me the 'anonymous' option & thats no fun lol]

  3. Shout out to my inspiration [no lie].I really appreciate you looking at it,you have NO idea how much that means, I still gotta work the kinks out but I'm optimistic. It really means a lot and 'Anonymous' smhonymous. :) Have a good one Stevi