is this real ? i cant feel my brain =O

it is six thirty in the morning and i just finished my six page paper that i started 5 hours ago . i am delusional . tired . and aching all over . yet & still, this is the perfect time to post my most random and thoughts that i am too tired to restrict:

-- sometimes i genuinely dont understand men . they want to be my superhero but i didnt ask for saving . they wanna be leaders, but cant see where they're going "/ .

.. if i was stranded on an island, i could survive om kanye west, andre 3thou, wale, drake, john legend, musiq soulchild and the 'miseducation' CD [:

`` school is pushing me over the edge, && i forgot to pack my parachute .

-- why are women so scared to talk about marriage around guys ? i must admit, i haven't planned out my wedding like most girls . yet & still, i look forward to the day when i find someone worthy of my unwavering love & devotion . THAT'S NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF girls .

.. i have not & will not compare myself to other females . its an ugly, never ending, fungus covered cycle . no one is me ... & dammit im proud ! ow owwww (:

`` i can have me a gooooood duuuuude, & still be addicted to them doucheee bags lol .

-- friend or foe, who yah wit ? (jay voice)

..i wish everyone would be less concerned about their denomination of Christianity and more focused on a personal, spiritual relationship - there's nothing like that connection .

`` @heartsNhandguns , follow me lol .

-- i want "all of the lights" to be the soundtrack to my life . preferably the instrumental part in the beginning with the french horns and violins ... (but im not picky)

.. "and you aint finna see a mogul get emotional" . -yeeeezy

``it just hit me that im probably gunna get four hours of sleep "/

-- i really dont want anything sibliminal . tweets . statuses . posts . notes . whispers . no ; i respect people with OUTRIGHT, PROUD, DEVOTED, HONEST emotion . its what i deserve : plain & simple [:

.. is that ... THE SUN ??! lol, goodnight . goodmorn- ughh, you get it .

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