... in a perfect world

in a perfect world ...

you wouldnt be wrong for falling in love quickly.
there would be no fault in asking him to meet your parents.
the question, "where do you see this going" wouldn't be equated to an atomic bomb explosion.
you wouldn't have to spread your eggs in numerous baskets to avoid heartbreak and headache.
showing emotion wouldn't constitute being labeled as "crazy"

but we do not live in a perfect world. falling in love is considered taboo and naive instead of what it truly is- courageous and brilliant. asking a man that you care about to meet your mother is an act of respect and care. instead, men think that you want to handcuff them to your bedpost and never leave the house. in this world, being "too nice" gets you taken advantage of and walked all over like a weakling. in the "real world", emotions make men run for the hills and spending your time with one man is a disaster waiting to happen.

you know, i always hear guys talk about "wifey types" but i'm not sure if that is a legitimate point of discussion. PLENTY of women have proven to be capable of love, nurture, and devotion. Yet, they are constantly punished for displaying those traits at full capacity. now, we have every woman running around trying to be some 2012 Stepford Wife. They want to master their cooking, cleaning, birthing, sex domanatrix tricks, refinement, business acumen, and fashion sense - just to be some barbie doll that shapeshifts into what a man wants.

Honestly, I'm tired of seeing so many women beating themselves to a pulp because they feel inadequate and small. Although perfect worlds do not exist, you can get dangerously close. It is okay to give thick, full love. It is okay to ask about the status of a relationship. It is okay TO BE YOU - not some steroid-genetically altered, plastic version of you. at the end of the day, hold men to the same standard as you hold for yourself.

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