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our generation is a technological one. we are constantly on twitter, facebook, websites, and blogs. I wonder, however, which blogs and sites we surf. I often hear about the media take outs, bossip, worldstarhiphops, june ambrose sites, and Who What Wear (one of my absolute favorites), but where do you get your daily feed of EVERYTHING? i would suggest www.thedailybeast.com .. it's a good place to get unbiased and biased information and articles on world news, celebrity updates, the economy, book/movie reviews ... everything.

the purpose of my post, however, is not to suggest websites but to challenge the way you read these articles on yahoo, cnn, the daily beast, NY times, etc. Some people claim that racism does not exist. They claim that it is a thing of the past and/or people are generally on the same accord about race and class. I challenge you to LOOK AT THE COMMENTS. the comments found on these sites' articles are not like the ones found on twitpic or worldstar. No, here you will read the minds of millions of Americans - we are not as cohesive as many people want to claim.

Btw, In case you are wondering about recent updates about the case:
Trayvon Martin Case

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