"expect nothing" by alice walker

Expect nothing. Live frugally
On surprise.
become a stranger
To need of pity
Or, if compassion be freely
Given out
Take only enough
Stop short of urge to plead
Then purge away the need.

Wish for nothing larger
Than your own small heart
Or greater than a star;
Tame wild disappointment
With caress unmoved and cold
Make of it a parka
For your soul.

Discover the reason why
So tiny human midget
Exists at all
So scared unwise
But expect nothing. Live frugally
On surprise.


  1. This poem is awesome. The idea of expecting nothing or humbling oneself lets a person enjoys the fruits that God has given us. At times I expect to much from even myself and let myself down and become sad or depressed and forget how precious time is and the true beauty of life itself with the struggle included. This morning I woke up kind of lost and thought about you and your work. I have been away from your blog for a while and needed a little boost from one of my peers and seen this, great timing. God bless Stevi.

  2. if you can eliminate the trivial stuff around you, then you can truly understand the beauty of simplicity. sometimes i have to stop myself and expect nothing from life except the beauty & basic blessings of life. i hate to sound cheesy, but it really does help. im happy this poem helped :)

  3. True, let go and let God easier said than done but true. True followers and God fearing people give the best advice :)