the cuffing commandments

rule #2,445:

ladies, this is key:

There are so many women out there who are crying about the douche bags that they dated and how they were hurt in the process. I understand and i sympathize but the problem is not them, it's you. I’ll be honest. At one time I did not know exactly what I deserved from a relationship. I did not heavily consider the importance of reciprocity and cohesiveness. I have seen a lot of guys (throughout my experiences and friends) - the unreliable guys, the men with little ambition, the moocher boyfriends, the cheaters, blah zay blah. Back in the way day, having exceedingly high standards for men made me feel like I was being pompous or stuck up. It was hard for me to feel like a grounded person while dismissing guys who were out of tune with me. Therefore, I would make stupid dating decisions.

With maturity comes a sense of clarity. Nothing is wrong with wanting the best for yourself in all aspects of your life. Cuffing is no exception to that rule. Ladies, look for a guy who is not only a gentleman … but a guy who is confident in said chivalry. It takes an extremely secure man to ignore the “bitch & hoe” movement and treat women with respect-like human beings instead of blow up dolls. That is attractive. Too many guys think that a gentleman gets “walked all over” by women. Nope. If a guy can find a good balance between charisma, chivalry, and assertion then he’s “that guy”. I cannot speak for every woman, but I know that I am strong-minded and at times, outspoken. I was told that I am “intimidating” and that is perfectly fine with me. A guy who can roll with the punches is a mandatory trait for a lot of women. 
I miss masculinity. I would never want to rid a man of his manhood. (Besides, If it’s easily “rid-able” then it wasn’t that sturdy to begin with.) I want to celebrate masculinity and the alpha male. I can appreciate a person who can “tell me how it is” and respect me simultaneously. Ladies, pay attention to the guy who will not be threatened by your strength but instead embrace who you are. It's a hard job, but i'm sure someone out there is up to the challenge. 

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