the dead zone, i mean... the friend zone.

If you let men tell it, the dreaded “friend zone” is a romance death trap – a place equipped with pressure-censored grenades planted in the floor and laser beams that melt men’s skin off their flesh. Let men tell it, the “friend zone” is a no-man’s land crowded with BFF’s who hold girls’ purses at the mall and get late night phone calls about the men she is actually dating.

most women, however, have a different outlook:

Contrary to popular belief, the friend zone is indeed dangerous, but can ultimately be worth the trouble. Some men enter the friend zone and become lost in a sea of lifetime movies and Kleenex tear moments. They couldn’t see when the lines between “my male companion” and “my home girl with a penis” began to mix. Then, they’re stuck. I, however, commend men who are brave enough to maneuver throughout the friend zone. If done correctly, big wins are upon you. 

Honestly and shamefully (lol), women tend to group guys into three categories. One: a guy that she would never give the time of day (that could be for numerous reasons from unattractive in some way to bad hygiene). Two: a guy that she will hang out with from time to time Three: a guy that she would like to spend time with, get to know, and let them know her. (Now, some guys could care less about any of that because .. well .. they simply want the physical. But that’s an entirely different post). The difference between two and three is companionship. If a man can use the friend zone to his benefit, then he’s winning. It may seem kind of conniving, but it only makes sense. the friend zone can work! Point. Blank. Period. 

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