Why We Love Queen Bey

[All of the girls and gay guys of america are frolicking around the streets of their cities in a glorious glee over Beyonce's birthday. A lot of people do not understand why she gets so much love from us. I can only answer subjectively (but that should not be a problem seeing how this is my blog- filled to the brim with my observations and opinions lol). For me, it is not Beyonce's personal style or her hair (because honestly, I am not the biggest fan of either). For me, there are three reasons why I love Beyonce:]

1. She is an exceptional artist. I don't believe that her talent is debatable- it's undeniable. Her vocal range is outstanding and her tone is truly beautiful. She can hit you with a Toni Braxton low alto or a pitch so high and winding that it makes your stomach drop in awe. She takes pride in her craft. She sings in different languages and writes her own music from time to time. Most importantly, she appreciates her fans. She doesn't call them "barbs" or "monsters". Instead, she gives 110% when she performs. She will dance her ass off while cartwheeling on stilts- on fire. She is going to sweat and scream and cry for her audience. Her performances are more than gimmicks, they are a reflection of her dedication to excellence.

2. I grew up with Beyonce! She is like the consistent, entertainment sister that we never had in anyone else. There are plenty of R&B artist that started with us and fell off the map. We had the Ashanti's, Jennifer Lopez's, Ciara's, Faith Evans, and the list goes on and on. From Destiny's Child to 4, Beyonce has been present in our ears from a young age. We can ALWAYS depend on Beyonce to uplift us, understand us, and make us feel beautiful, sexy- hell, like a damn Queen! Her music is our consistent, combative force against a degrading, confusing, hip-hop era. I love her because she loves me. Irreplaceable, Single Ladies, Diva, Dangerously In Love, Baby Boy, Kitty Cat, Halo, Upgrade You? When Resentment dropped, ... nevermind, women know how they felt.

3. She is a muthaeffing lady. She is classy. She understands that there is a fine line between sexy and skanky-whore. Sure, she may wear some provocative clothes on stage and in her music videos. Nevertheless, she seems to understand the difference between a musical persona and her home life. She is a loving wife, mother, sister and daughter. She protects her personal life like a real woman should. She has no problem saying that she'll cater to her man. Similarly, she has no problem saying, "there's the door" if things ain't up to par. Look, if Rihanna screams to the inner rebellious child within us, then Beyonce speaks to the inner goddess we aspire to be. No diss to Rihanna, but Beyonce transcends all of her contemporaries. She has never had to say she was the best. She just is.

You don't have to understand it, but you gotta respect it.

Happy Birthday Bey.

** Jay-Z films beyonce backstage, before her concert :)

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