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Fox's New Girl

New Girl with Zooey Deschanel is absolutely hilarious. Jess (Deschanel), a peppy, corny school teacher, moves into an apartment with three dysfunctional guys. Schmidt- the used-to-be fat, arrogant, anal roommate. Nick- the "too old" bartender with a credit score lower than a dead man. Winston- the black guy lmao. The show is hilarious. If you have a ... modern family-family guy-the office type of sense of humor (and you are a bit dorky), you should enjoy New Girl. The season premier comes on Fox, September 25th at 8 o' clock.

ABC's Scandal

Everyone (on twitter lol) knows that my favorite television writer is Shonda Rhimes (Grey's Anatomy). Whenever I talk to people about Grey's, they say the show is too far in to watch. I understand. HOWEVER, Rhimes' new show is on ABC. Scandal, starring the flippin' gorgeous Kerry Washington (as Olivia Pope), is a phenomenal show. Ladies, Columbus Short isn't too hard to stare at for an hour either lol. The show is about a former presidential administration aide who breaks free and starts her own top secret crisis-aide firm. Kidnappings, killings, and sex affairs are only the icing on the cake ... well it is the cake. BUT IT'S SOME GOOD CAKE! The second season premiers September 27th at 9pm.

So, go onto Netflix or some pirated website and watch the episodes before the next season starts! You don't want to miss the wave.

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