The Thirst Is Real & The Dating Is Dead.


It seems as though we have dug ourselves into a deep hole. When I came to college in ’08 and said the term, “thirsty”, I received looks of astonishment. It was like I gave some of my friends the key term to identify the creeps in Atlanta. In fact, my friend wrote an article called “Thirsty In the AUC” because she fell in love with the word and thought it was hilarious. Eventually, other synonyms like “pressed” and “parched” came along to poke fun at aggressive, desperate men and women.

However, women got carried away with the term- calling every man thirsty when he showed an inkling of interest. Now, women have created a monster. We created an entirely new breed of lazy-man-daters who would rather “play it cool” than be called “thirsty”. It’s their biggest fear. I hear so many women saying, “Guys don’t know how to date anymore” and “All guys wanna do now is chill at the house.” Unfortunately, you have set the standard for prideful men to put no effort into dating you. When they wanted to take you out to a nice restaurant, they were trying too hard. If they bought you flowers, they were thirsty. If they opened up to you about their feelings, they were pressed. The problem is people are equating thirst with apparent interest. It is not the same. A thirsty guy will follow you three blocks down the street after you tell him that you’re not interested. However, women are so quick to deem a guy as thirsty if he asks you for the time of day. So, now men are only asking you if you want to come to his house, “roll up” and watch a movie.

Now, boys are not completely off the hook. This is truly an epidemic of apathetic daters- guys who see little value in dating. There are guys who do not know how to date. Or, simply, they have dealt with so many easy women that they do not see a need to put in effort. I’ll be frank. Women, a man will date you if he sees that you are worthy of being dated. You have to set the standard and you have to humble yourself. Courtship is not dead. There are still good men out there who want to take you to eat or cook for you. There are still good men who plan outings and approach you like a lady. Finding the date, however, will require you to keep your nose (and sometimes your legs) out of the air for a while. That’s the truth. 

*p.s. that picture has a typo. It should say, "you're". (sigh)

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