...because you're dating a sociopath.

Lately, it seems as though I hear the term “sociopath” being used in sermons and articles. It’s such an ugly word that has so many implications. In fact, the word is so scary that people reserve it for horror movies and psychologist offices (btw, sociopaths are not the same thing as psychopaths). Let me reassure you, sociopaths are among us more often than you’d expect. I keep hearing stories from friends who deal with the most cruel people in their relationships.  Quite frankly, they are dating sociopaths.

The main traits of a sociopath:
  1.     superficial charm
  2.     inflated view of self-worth, cocky, braggart
  3.     pathological lying
  4.     parasitic lifestyle
  5.     lack of empathy
  6.     failure to accept responsibility for ones own actions
  7.     irresponsibility
  8.     lack of remorse or guilt
  9.     impulsive
  10. conning and manipulative

I dated a sociopath once. He was extremely selfish and it seemed like he sucked all of the energy I had. He was manipulative- constantly flashing his award-winning smile and charming sense of humor to get out of his tight-binds. He took and took and took from me without any remorse at all. Even when he would lie, steal, and cheat… he found a way to be the victim. He rationalized all of his faults and pretended to hate himself for being a douche. He constantly claimed to be “misunderstood” and this was simply his over-inflated perception of himself. He thought he was so complex and deep. In all actuality, he was just a narcissist (as you stare at the picture of me to the left lmao).

I know it seems like I am being harsh on this guy, but I’m not. In fact, I am not even speaking about him as a person. Instead, I am speaking about a sociopath- layers and smoke and mirrors that have been placed on a real human being. Sociopaths become so engulfed in their nonsense that they lose their sense of self. What’s worse? A lot of the time, they harm numerous people and relationships around them.

They come in all shapes and sizes: best friends, relatives, boyfriends, girlfriends, associates, employers, celebrities, and strangers. They will leave you feeling drained and even worse, feeling like you're to blame. Sociopaths – because of their charm and manipulation- have a way of making you feel guilty for the failed relationships. You’ll feel responsible for their happiness and dependent on their attention. Perhaps you need to reevaluate some of your relationships. Are you getting as much as you’re receiving? Emotionally, intimately, effort, and respect are all things that should be under consideration. If you are a sociopath reading this post (which 9 times out of 10, they think to highly of themselves to take accountability for being a sociopath), check yourself ... douche bag. 

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