and this is why the commercial is triflin'...

Americans have absolutely no problem centering themselves as the lynchpin for normalcy. We constantly look for conveniency, even though it can promote racism and ignorance. The lady says she loves Cabo because it was so "easy" and continues to explain how everyone spoke english ... "even the cab driver".

So the hell what. The point of traveling in the first place is to expand your perception of the world and create a larger sense of humanity for yourself. You may think that i am reading too much into the commercial, but let me ask you this. How many times have you heard someone belittle an immigrant for speaking their first language, "Speak English, you're in America." Nevertheless, how many times do Americans learn other people's languages when we go somewhere else? We're extremely narcissistic. Language is SO powerful and we need to realize that the things we say are a reflection of our minds.


  1. I think the whole reason for a vacation is to relax and if that means things being easy well so be it

  2. oh most definitely. but equating english speaking to "easy" is problematic to me.