there's no such thing as halfway trust .

"we expect God to bless every aspect of our lives; yet, we wont trust God enough to let him TAKE OVER every aspect of our lives. hmm ..."


how many times have we had a housing bill that was due? how many times has your phone been cut off? how many times have you cried over financial aid woes? prayed for new shoes? prayed to get our hair done? prayed to get that parking ticket paid off? hell, how many times have we just hoped and prayed for some money to play with for fun?

in the same breath, how many times have you given ten percent to the place set aside to uplift God? how much money do we commit to giving back to God's efforts? Helping someone else, giving back to your church home, just being generous and loving ? I am definitely not above this contradiction. I love to pray for a financial blessing, but when i get it ... my stingy, ugly head rears itself.

Now, romance is a little more complicated. Between the misconstrued ideas of what "love" is and the Dr.Jekel and Mr.Hyde ways of our sexuality as humans, dating is a weird concept... especially in relation to God. We like to give all of our lives to God ... EXCEPT the aspect of our romantic relationships. So many of my friends feel like they let God handle everything .... oh,but their dating life is what they have "under control". Nevertheless, 90% of their problems in life stem from dating, relationships, and sex.

Girls are bleaching niggas clothes and keying their cars. Men are snatching up their girlfriend's in the club and getting girls pregnant like their tryna save the human race from extinction. People think this is love, but wonder why they are still so empty and unfulfilled. Love is everything, real Love is of God ... if they trusted their God to take over their dating lives, perhaps they would benefit ... just a thought.

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