shady maybe market value .

you are a brand.
yes, since the day you were able to compose self-conscious and vain thoughts, self-representation has become top priority.
today, we recognize that our name is of extreme significance ... it is the legacy that we leave behind and the dense aura that follows us everywhere we go.
when people say your name, you have a certain expected connotation that you hope sprouts from their mind. your face, your spirit, your style, your circle of friends, and with whom you spend your intimacy.

relationships are simply corporation mergers with kisses, hickeys, and loud arguments in the middle of parties. by default, you and your significant other are associated with one another and believe me ... people watch. now, i am not suggesting that you give a considerable thought about what people have to say. nevertheless, it helps to be aware that you are a brand, a name, - and when you're in a relationship representation of someone else's name. For two reasons in particular, you should acknowledge your brand. you (YES WHOEVER YOU ARE) should be more considerate of your boyfriend/girlfriend's affiliation with you.

(1) put on some dawgon' clothes ! i am utterly exhausted when i see girl's getting into relationships and then letting  themselves go. If i hear, "I ain't trynaa impress nobody. My boyfriend likes me and that's all that matters" i just might drop dead of disappointment. There is no reason to wear holey sweatpants and hoodies everyday just because you have a boyfriend. do your hair once and a while, sheesh. in case you didn't know, you represent his brand. who wants to be associated with a tagged, rusty poster instead of a time-square quality billboard? No man wants to be associated with a retail leper girlfriend.
  • there are some exceptions. if you always dressed like a bum and continue to do so when you got cuffed, kudos. im speaking to people who let themselves go. also, their are some significant others who do not want you to look good out of jealousy and their own insecurities....corre hacia las colinas.
(2) do not cheat. i think it's malicious when guys want to be "claimed"/display affection publicly, but have no intention on becoming faithful. consequently, while your girlfriend is yelling to the mountain tops about her relationship and posting your name in her "in a relationship" facebook blank, she will be humiliated when you play her to the left. you represent her brand so think hard next time youre cheating . what happens in the dark will always come to light .

respect the organization, protect your brand.