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one of the greatest (okay medium-ish) injustices you can do to a boyfriend or girlfriend is gaze a wandering eye. im not referring to when you're at the mall and your boyfriend looks at another girl's chest . no, that's not what i mean. Have you ever had something and kept it only because you had nothing better to hold on to ? we do this all the time in relationships. we treat our boyfriends & girlfriends like jobs... we're content with the pay and benefits, but we're sending out our resumes to different places .we're not necessarily taking up any offers, but hopeful that something "better" will come along.

well that works just fine when we are referring to careers, but it's vital to remember that your significant other is not a 9 to 5. If they are -and the relationship consists more of psychological/manual labor than emotional benefit - then that is not where you should even be. They should know that they aren't what you're ultimately looking for. They deserve to know that you want something that they cannot provide.

Not only is it wrong to string someone along in a relationship with wandering eyes, but it's an injustice to yourself. You're essentially living a lie if you pretend to be happy somewhere you are not. If you have a significant other & you're fantasizing about your soul mate, the qualities you haven't gotten in a boyfriend/girlfriend, or meeting someone who fulfills your desires ... sit down for a moment and re-evaluate if you're wasting someone's time. & remember, that "someone" could very much so be yourself.

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