Top 5 reasons why we shouldn't have to pay at the club.

the 5 reasons:

1. high heels & dresses. im pretty sure Lucifer created these things in his kitchen. men claim to LOVE women in high heels. so, we strap on these towering monstrosities and hope we don't tumble to our fate, break our ankles, or stepping on innocent bystander toes. - while simultaneously trying to breathe in our skintight apparel. 

2. waxing. women have a lot in common with poultry- being plucked, tweezed, poked and waxed ...only to be devoured and unappreciated by their patrons. do you know how EXCRUCIATING a bikini wax is? a Brazilian? eyebrows, underarms, legs, bikini lines, lawd. 

3. hair. don't get me started. - spending an hour on your hair to have it poofed, rugged, smoke infested, or soggy (from alcoholic beverages) by the end of the night. bleh.

4. hands&feet. i DO believe that hands and feet should be taken care of. however, i usually hear this critique from men with thee nastiest, slimiest, dirtiest nails alive (and i say "alive" because i would imagine that bacteria is living underneath the surface).

5. expenses. between the expenses of hair ($50-$400), mani/pedis ($30-$50), waxing (approximately $40-$50), and shoes (duh) ... we have paid for a years' worth of club entry fees. 

so, stop throwing shade on the females who get into the clubs, parties, and lounges for free. they pay for it in maintenance fees and physical inconvenience. the next time you see a girl at the club scowling .. it's probably because she's about to fall apart at any moment lol.

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