Devastation in the Midst of Silence

Recently, I find myself in lots of conversations about social change and what it means to be a young person in 2012. However, before I continue with my blog post, I need to write this disclaimer:

[If you believe that there are no unjust, sociopolitical or racial inequalities in the United States of America … then this probably won’t resonate well with you. If you cannot wrap your mind around the bigotry and disrespect that is STILL VERY MUCH happening in the U.S., then you will not take interest in the following questions:]

I am wondering: What does a 21st century activist look like? What does she/he do to call action and compassion from the world? Should traditional methods (marches, sit-ins, protests and rallies) disintegrate? Is technology making the 21st century activist lazy? or, more proactive? How do we sustain LONG-TERM, consistent, passionate fervor from young people? While we make such a LOUD impression on social media, is the silence (boredom with the topic) that follows just as loud and apparent?

I have some opinions, but honestly … who cares. I’d rather have you, the reader, decide for yourself. Even if you do not come up with a clear-cut opinion, isn’t it important to at least consider what you think? Hmm.

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