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“What advice would you give to courageous few that actually enjoy trying to solve the Rubik’s Cube of a woman's psyche? Any algorithms that you feel comfortable exposing? ”

It was actually interesting to hear that some men find the female psyche to be intriguing. Most times, it seems as though men equate the female mind to Alcatraz. There IS one thought that I feel comfortable exposing- and that is the see-saw between who women are and who we have to be. Let me explain.

Modern day women (especially women of color) are plagued with the responsibility to be independent. In case you have yet to notice, women’s rights have become more prominent in today’s political debates and issues. In the past sixty years, there have been uprisings of single-parent/mommy homes. Basically, women are groomed to be strong and independent more than ever before.

And most women love the autonomy. However, we’d love for men to be that pillar of strength for us sometimes too. We’re strong because we have to be, not because we want to step on any man-toes. It’s just that we have some reservations. For example, it’s frustrating for women because men send mixed signals. When she doesn’t need anybody, she is emasculating and domineering. Yet, when she lets her guard down and leans on you, she’s clingy. It can often times feel like men want us at their leisure but cannot handle authentic emotions that come with it. 

That’s why you have so many hot and cold, on and off women out there. So many women are reluctantly laying brick on top of brick- building emotional walls. They do not want to, but they know that men will try to conquer the territory with no real intention of staying in it. Something to think about? 


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