3 Documentaries You Need to See

"Bastards of the Party"
This Documentary was produced by Alex Demyanenko and former Blood gang member, Cle Sloan. Focused on the gangs of Los Angeles, California, it traces the history, stigmas, and myths regarding gang life. When i came to college, i realized that people outside of my hometown had so many misinterpretations of gangs. Even more so, People could not fathom how REAL it is to fear for your brothers, sons, cousins, and safety of loved ones. It's so informative and so interesting.

"Four Little Girls" 
This Documentary by Spike Lee is phenomenal. Brutal, raw, and touching, it serves to bring light to the racial and social injustice in Alabama during the 1960s. Based around the Birmingham church burnings in 1963, this film is SO necessary. Our generation has a tendency to remove ourselves from anything that did not happen ...last year. This movie humanizes the event and causes the audience to be accountable for their own sense of humanity. 

"An Inconvenient Truth"
Al Gore's 2006 documentary about societal strain on the environment is informative, groundbreaking and sound. Although there is more information about Gore than i would have cared to see, it is still so interesting to watch. I have never seen so much QUALITY information and so many valid arguments being placed on the screen at a time. It's kind of crazy, actually. This is a film that you have to watch a few times... to keep your conscience afloat. (BTW, most people have seen this documentary. If you have not, get on it!)

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