don't drink the kool-aid.

“You know, we have never really been in love” said my friend. She has the tendency to say things for the “wow factor”, simply to piss me off. So, I took the courtesy of ignoring the entire comment. I moseyed along about my business and she laughed- clear of my decision to disregard her statement. About three days later (which was presumably last night) she made me listen.

But first, I’ll start by making an observation: There is a prejudice and stigma associated with love. A friend of mine, for example, has reservations about dating men who have never been in love, “If he has not been in love, he hasn’t lived...” To her, being in love equates to a sense of maturity, emotional accountability and growth. Therefore, men who have not fallen in love are seen as ticking time bombs, reckless and uncontrollable. Men who have never been in love are dangerous. They are not afraid of breaking hearts because they have never put theirs in another’s possession. They do not know the feeling of anxiousness or disappointment when seeing their significant others turn their backs on them.

So, I’ll return to my friend’s assessment that we have never been in love. Essentially, people think that love is about mere romance and affection. They think it’s about kissing in the rain and eating spaghetti in Italian restaurants with the sun shining through blinds. On the contrary, love is about two people establishing a soul connection through a funnel of God. God. God. God. God. Without the common connection to, dedication to, and relationship with God, “love” only becomes about our OWN satisfaction. Until two people are equally yoked together with Christ, -not separately, or privately, but collectively- they will not know how to truly love another person romantically. I have never been in love; But don’t judge … have you?

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